Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mindy in "A Night Out With"

Mindy Kaling was recently featured in "A Night Out With," a New York Times segment. Slightly humiliating: my extent of knowledge of this particular column stems from Blair Waldorf's feature in "Gossip Girl." That show is crack for the vapid. 

Anyway, it's a great article. My favorite part is the "Corpse Betty" line, which appealed directly to my affinity for turning hit shows slightly morbid. (I'm still waiting for "Dead Judy", the "Judge Judy" spinoff, to be picked up. Dead Judy would utter kneeslappers such as "I rest my casket."

Mindy looks adorable in that crazy cute silver top. Where can I get my hands on it?


Gretchen said...

Hey there! I linked over from OfficeTally and I have to say I love your blog idea. Awesomely awesome!

Fiori said...

Thanks! I'm glad that you like my fangirliness outlet. I'm happy you stopped by.